to the future
of real estate

We are happy to help you with your investments in institutional
quality real estate projects.


To invest in real estate it is essential to have the right knowledge, experience and network. Especially in times when real estate is scarce. LUMIFUND offers you the opportunity to invest safely and without any concern in large real estate projects.

We have developed a complete new digital platform where no bank or paper is involved, keeping the cost per investor/participant low. This makes investing in real estate not only for wealthy private investors and organizations, but also  accessible for participating as an individual or small business. Read more about the operation of our digital platform below.

Our digital platform works through tokenization, which is securely stored on the Blockchain. Blockchain is a technology that stores data and transactions securely and efficiently. It is called the greatest invention since the discovery of the Internet.

Through tokenization, each real estate project is divided into tokens, where each token will represent an economic value. This conversion of the real estate project into tokens are stored securely, through our developed LUMIFUND-platform, on the Blockchain. Investing through our platform thereby eliminates the need for intermediaries and ensures secure online transactions on the familiar Blockchain system.

The tokens can best be compared to the issuance of regular shares/participations and provide you with a certain return from the real estate project.

The tokens in fact give you the right to the profit of the achieved return of the real estate project you invest in.

We will perform a risk/return analysis of potential real estate projects for you. Subsequently , the economic value of the potential real estate project will be divided into 100.000 tokens. The project developer in question will then issue these tokens, which are supported by means of Smart Contracts, via our platform. The Smart Contracts ensure that each token is equivalent to an x-% ownership of the returns that have been achieved.The entire process from purchase to profit payout will be processed in a transparent and secure manner on the Blockchain. This is all under the supervision of the AFM and DNB.

Soon you will be able to make an investment from any location via our platform, for which you no longer need to leave the house. You can choose which project you would like to invest in at your own pace.

We will make all potential real estate projects visible on the LUMIFUND platform. So you can invest in real estate project in a safe, fast and easy way.

Benefits tokenization:

  • Diversification
  • Customizable
  • Lower rates
  • 100% digital
  • No lock-up
  • Decentralized
  • More liquidity
  • Automation
  • Investment control
  • Transparency
  • Cost-saving